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Lindsay Mason, Como

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Matters of Spirit

This page is about the greatness within us all. It is about co-operative knowledge.

Leadership and Fatherhood.

 Foster A Spirit of Service

~excerpt from Building Better Families: A Practical Guide to Raising Amazing Children

The most effective parents are always looking for new ways to engage their children in their own development. Parents can call on one of the great management advances of all times... management by results.
Explain a vision, and allow them to use their skills and resources to accomplish it. You are of course part of their resources. If they get stuck or don't know what to do, they can call on you - and good managers clearly communicate that. Management by results creates independent workers who can think and act for themselves, and who know who and where to turn when they don't know how to handle a situation. Great managers make their workers independent and themselves dispensable. As a parent, your job is to make yourself dispensable. At the core of parenting is the difficult and complex task of nurturing a child's ability to choose and decide and act for him or herself.

There are few more powerful ways to nurture these skills, values, and character than to foster and encourage a spirit of service. We are not here for ourselves. We are not in this alone. We are here, in this place and this time, to experience each other and to act in communion with each other for the good of each other. Yes, we are also here to discover and celebrate our unique selves. But paradoxically, the best way to find and celebrate our true selves is to spend our lives in the service of worthy causes and other people.

Service awakens our sense of self in a way that all the introspection and self-development in the world cannot. Nothing awakens the moral, ethical, and spiritual senses like the simple act of service. Foster a spirit of service in your children and you will find that long after you are gone it sill serves them in their quest to discover self, contribute to society, and live a life of love, laughter and happiness.

Blessing before Eating

inspirational verse by the Irish author, John O'Donahue


As we begin this meal with


Let us become aware of the


Carried inside the food before


The quiver of the seed

Awakening in the earth

Unfolding in a trust of roots

And slender stems of growth,

On it’s voyage towards harvest,

The kiss of rain and surge of


The innocence of animal soul

That never spoke a word,

Nourished by the earth

To become today our food;

The work of all strangers

Whose hands prepared it,

The privilege of wealth and


That enables us to feast and


- John O’Donahue

I have the privilege in my work of hearing many fascinating viewpoints on a wide variety of topics, on account that we have an hour together. It has often made me reflect on the limited time we get in our lives speaking to one another about things we often feel reluctant to bring up in social gatherings. A lot of good information, experience, reflections and reasonings don’t leave my treatment room (patient confidentiality of course!).

I’m suggesting anybody visiting this page might reflect on their own spiritual values in relation to community, arts, including literature & music, travel, history, anything really. We want to hear about anything that moves you on a personal level beyond the everyday things. The writings can be essays, short observations, profound life experiences, book suggestions. Contributors can be anonymous and your offerings will appear as the feature for approximately 1 - 3 months.