“Your professionalism and understanding of body mechanics have improved my mobility and well being.”

Lorrayne Wythes, Kareela

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When is massage not appropriate? (Contraindications)

In general, massage is not appropriate for the following conditions:

  • Skin rashes
  • Alcohol in bloodstream (3 drinks or more, the night before)
  • If you have the flu (influenza)

Should I have a massage before or after a sporting event?

  • For amateur events and weekend competition - After sport is best
  • For Higher level (Semi or Professional Level Competition) all sports – Before and/or after the event.

This is a general rule; please feel free to consult with any of our therapists for your specific requirements.

Can I claim massages I have @ Natural Way with my private Health Insurance?

Rebates are available on all health funds where the members level of cover includes remedial massage. The rebate you can receive by coming to a recognised massage provider is between $15 and $40!

Is Massage safe during pregnancy?

Yes, for all trimesters unless advised otherwise by your doctor/obstetrician/midwife or due to other medical conditions. Relevant pressure and positioning is varied to suit our client’s needs. – particularly during the 1st trimester.

Who has been to Natural Way Massage Health Centre recently?

  • A new mother who had previously had pre-natal massage has now brought her new daughter to Infant Massage Classes.
  • A man in his 50’s who came to us because he has experienced that the results massage provided were superior to other treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropractic.
  • A pregnant lady who was suffering from morning sickness, found that reflexology reduced her morning sickness significantly. She is now benefiting from regular pre-natal massage.