“Thank you for teaching us baby massage. Both Mums and Bubs had tonnes of fun and learnt a lot.”

Infant Massage Class

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About Us

Natural Way Massage Health Centre practitioners apply clinical knowledge and 25 combined years of experience, to bring to you the benefits of remedial, pre-natal, relaxation and sports massage. We guarantee that you will feel the positive outcomes of our massage treatments.

Natural Way Massage Health Centre was developed to address the inconsistencies people found when looking for a great massage, such as lack of professionalism, pressure that is either too hard or too soft and thus suiting the therapist and not the client, not being able to claim on health fund rebates, and a 'revolving door of practitioners'. We have highly qualified practitioners who have each been with us for over 4 years.

Andrew specialises in Pre-natal Massage, Paula has interests in Reflexology and Sports Massage for runners and swimmers. Both Andrew Schwartz and Paula Houghton are remedial massage professionals.

Natural Way Massage Health Centre is located close to the heart of Gymea Village at 15 Warburton Street, Gymea, right near the wonderful grounds of Hazelhurst Art Gallery.

What to Expect

From the moment you enter the centre you will be treated with the utmost professionalism. You will be required to complete a Patient Record form so that we can assess the most appropriate treatment for you. This will then be further discussed with the practitioner prior to you receiving your massage in order to ensure that your massage is tailored to your needs.

If you are with a Health Fund, depending on you level of cover, you can claim the rebate on your massage treatment. 

How to get the most out of your massage

  1. Arrive with plenty of time
  2. Become aware of breathing – we will help you feel the difference
  3. No coffee, smoking, alcohol or soft drink before appointment
  4. Painkilling medication taken at least 4 hours before treatment
  5. Forget the world for an hour
  6. Empty your bladder if needed
  7. Have an early night or even a nap after your massage
  8. Plenty of water


Andrew Schwartz

Andrew is the owner of Natural Way Massage Health Centre as a Remedial Massage Practitioner has given over 15,000 treatments. Experienced, caring and passionate about Functional Human Anatomy, Andrew treats all muscular complaints, and really enjoys resolving difficult and chronic issues left unresolved by other means. He has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, Certificate of Pre-natal Massage Therapy and is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI).

Having worked with a Chiropractor initially, Andrew opened Natural Way in October 2002.

Andrew has over 19 years experience in Remedial Massage, with an extensive network of professional referrals from GP's Specialists, Physios and Chiros. Andrew specialises in Pregnancy Massage and is the sole inventor and distributor of the MyPod Pregnancy Pillow for women 12 -40 weeks. A practitioner version of the same support pillow is used throughout Australia for pregnancy massage.

Member of Australian Traditional-Medicine Society; Member #15752; www.atms.com.au
Member of Association of Massage Therapists Ltd; www.amt-ltd.org.au

Paula Houghton

Paula joined Natural Way in 2006 after moving from Queensland where she practiced both remedial massage and reflexology. The benefits of reflexology can really compliment and enhance the benefits of a massage and vice versa, and we encourage you to experience this for yourself!

Paula has a Diploma in Remedial Massage has also attained qualifications in Aromatherapy. Reflexology is one of Paula's passions. Paula explains why she studied massage:

"Why a massage therapist? Well that’s an interesting one for me to explain as my previous career was heavily involved in the engineering world as I was a CAD draftswoman. Long days and long hours in front of a computer took its toll on me. I was constantly plagued by neck, shoulder and back pain, despite always staying very fit. I discovered that I had a scoliosis in my spine and that long periods of sitting were not good for me. Massage was a successful ongoing treatment for my condition. Also my eldest daughter was fast becoming an Australian champion swimmer and massage was also a successful treatment for her constantly tight and tired muscles. I was so intrigued by this that I decided to study massage myself and so began the journey. I have had a complete change of career and have found that Massage therapy has opened up a whole new world for me. I also incorporate reflexology into my treatments, which is a great combination for both remedial and relaxation treatments."



Caryn Schwartz

Caryn opened Natural Way in Gymea with Andrew in 2002 just prior to having their first son. Caryn is responsible for all the administration at the centre. Caryn has a Bachelor of Business and prior to starting Natural Way worked in Hotel Management.


"For the past 5 yrs I have been having a monthly massage at Natural Way. My motivation for doing this was continual stress and tightness in my shoulders, back and neck. Luckily for me, I was recommended to Andrew by a friend. I have absolutely no doubt that the regular massage has had a positive effect on my wellbeing, reducing the occurrence of my headaches, back and shoulder pain. The level of professionalism, care and skills is outstanding. I really would not go anywhere else!"
Elaine Platt, Sans Souci
"I really see the value in massage because it benefits my health. I also really appreciate Andrew because he does a fantastic job and is highly qualified. I seem to have a tight back and neck muscles in particular and a massage once a month helps relieve that a lot as well as solving other problems that I didn’t even know I had. I will continue getting massages because it’s relaxing and makes me feel good. Thank you Andrew!"
Deborah Soames, Sutherland
"Since moving to the Sutherland Shire 11 years ago I had been searching for a massage therapist who 'really knew their stuff'. I had many disappointing experiences with therapists who just 'went through the motions."

"Then there was Andrew. Andrew Schwartz at Natural Way Massage was recommended to me during a casual conversation with a shop assistant at a Caringbah health food store. I thought I would give him a try, though I didn't have my hopes high as I had been down this road many times before. That was a year ago and I have been seeing Andrew regularly ever since."

"Working in a very demanding and stressful profession, my regular massages relieve the muscular tensions I build up over the course of my working weeks. But my hours massage isn't just about the body work. It gives me time for me, time for reflection so that many times I leave my massage with a new perspective on things, a new awareness to take on the journey."

"At 'Natural Way', it's more than a massage. Thanks, Andrew, for your holistic approach: for turning rods of steel into flexible willows and choppy seas into calm waters."
Lindsay Mason, Como
"Dear Andrew, We all wanted to say a BIG thank you for teaching us baby massage. Both Mums and Bubs had tonnes of fun and learnt a lot. We really appreciated your genuine interest in helping us and our boys!"
Shelley & Brodie, Toni & Ethan, & Loretta & Joshua - Infant Massage Class
"I've been a customer of Natural Way for close to 4 years after my wife initially purchased a gift voucher. Before this, I would have never even though about the health benefits associated with remedial massage, but now I incorporate at least a monthly massage into my routine. In addition to this, I have a pretty comprehensive training schedule as part of a distance running program and a key part of this is regular massages and I cannot enter a race without a targeted sports massage the day before the big event. Andrew and his team are true professionals and really take the time to understand your health concerns and in my case, have helped improve my overall well-being. Even when I don't have a race or event coming up, with 3 small kids, it's a perfect stress release. If you've thought about taking the time to have a massage but haven't got around to it, please call Andrew and the team at Natural Way to book yourself in today!"
James Mackay, Gymea
"I'm a lady in my 60's who has enjoyed a very active working and social life, teaching, playing tennis, walking, dancing and going to the gym regularly. Recently I had a major operation which has stopped all my favourite activities for many months. Over the years Zena has shown me the benefits of massage. Her professionalism, understanding of body mechanics and intuitive touch have improved my mobility, well being and I'm now on the road to recovery. Regular massage will still be an important part of my life. Thanks Zena."
Lorrayne Wythes, Kareela

"I now have a feeling of wellbeing, am more energised, have more movement and the swelling in my feet has reduced."
Liz Nash after reflexology treatments
"I couldn't have gotten through this year without your massages. It has changed everything for me mentally and physically. Thankyou for your help Paula."
Lauren Carnegie after running the half marathon
"For approx two years now, I have been treated at 4-6 weekly intervals by Andrew. After several years of each cold I caught, becoming a nasty chest infection, I was left with constant breathing difficulties.

This resulted in me using a puffer twice daily. Having massages from Andrew has helped my breathing improve dramatically. I have been able to stop taking the inhaler and have not had any of the recurring respiratory problems. I can walk, talk and breathe now – all at the same time – what a blessing!

Originally I sought massages to relieve my all too frequent headaches. Now days, I've almost forgotten what a headache is."
Helen Davies
"I started coming to natural way in 2007 after my chiropracter suggested to me that massage would help relieve the pain in my right shoulder. After having a remedial massage with paula i realized the value of regular massage and have been attending ever since. I find that i recover better after exercising and am able to keep surfing and enjoying the benefits of regular exercise. Massage has helped me cope better with the daily stress of long hours spent at work. Thanks paula and all the team at natural way."
Neil Cashman, Cronulla